Dave Deporis sadly passed away recently, after chasing down a man who stole his laptop, which contained the album he had been working on for years. Tributes came in from Regina Spektor, My Brightest Diamond, Kimya Dawson, Antony Hegarty, and more, and now NYC's Sidewalk Cafe -- where Dave performed many times -- will host a tribute to him on Tuesday (9/12). The event description reads:

In honor of our dear, sweet friend, Dave Deporis, Sidewalk Cafe will host a celebration of his life, art and music. Let's take comfort in the warmth of community, friendship and remember the music, love and light Dave gave us all.

Please feel encouraged to attend and contribute a song(s), memory, poem, performance, dance, photos/slideshow, etc. RSVP by commenting on the event's discussion board; please select a time and specify what you'd like to contribute. Dave is never gone as long as we remember his unique legacy of music and kindness; he will always be close, in our hearts, in our art, in our skies.

At 6:30pm, the back-room of Sidewalk cafe will be open to receive anyone who would like to talk, hug, reminisce, have a drink, a bite to eat. At 7pm, the scheduled memorial will begin with, Dave's parents, Gene DePoris and Stella Dabby, saying a few words, followed by the folks who have rsvp'd with a memory, song, contribution. If possible, please arrive between 6:30 and 7pm. Thank you.

+++We do have permission to go later if needed+++
++Any special tech requests, please contact somersidewalker@gmail.com, Subject: Dave Deporis Tribute
+Photographs By: LippeMfg

6:30-7pm Open Reception
7:00 - Opening Remarks/Dedication - Dave's parents, Gene DePoris and Stella Dabby will say a few words.
7:05 - Vincent Cacchione, performing Dave's song "Slayer"
7:10 - Toby Goodshank
7:15 - Dan Costello, performing a song
7:20 - Elizabeth Devlin "Dreaming Out Loud"
7:25 -
7:30 - Gryphon Rue, performing a Dave song
7:35 -
7:40 - Brian Speaker, performing a song
7:45 - Asher Lewis, poem and song
7:50 - Chris Faeroplane, performing Dave's song "Plywood Door"
7:55 - Warbles (aka Tom Curtain), performing Dave's song "Swan King in the Snow"
8:00 - Omkar Lewis, performing a song
8:05 - Abigail Anne, to say a few words to honor Dave
8:10 - Maya Caballero playing a song for Dave
8:15 - Annachristie Sapphire
8:20 - Michael Aron Leviton, playing Dave's song "Emancipation"
8:25 - Laurence Desgaines, presenting video of Dave performing at Sidewalk Cafe, Archives 2000-03 - Lastuplarry
8:30 - Closing Remarks/Dedication - Dave's parents, Gene DePoris and Stella Dabby, will say a few words.

A GoFundMe was also launched to raise money to finally release the music that was on that laptop. "The funds raised will be used to produce his record(s) including legal costs, studio time, editing, mixing, mastering, post production, publishing and marketing... Any remaining funds will be used to fund early childhood music education." You can donate and read more here.

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