Siege was an American hardcore punk band from Weymouth, Massachusetts. Formed in 1981, they were active in the Boston hardcore scene from 1984 to 1985, and reunited briefly in 1991.

Siege paired extremely fast tempos with vocalist Kevin Mahoney's screeches and growls in their intense style of hardcore. Though little known during its short existence, the band posthumously became revered by punk and heavy metal fans worldwide and is now regarded as one of the pioneers of the grindcore and powerviolence subgenres. Subsequent musicians have cited the group as a major influence, including the British grindcore band Napalm Death[1] and the American thrashcore band Dropdead, whose band name was the title of Siege's six-song demo tape. [Wikipedia]

The legendary and incredibly influential hardcore/grind band Siege have been broken up for some time, but they're billed to play at least one show this year. No word yet on who's in the band -- original vocalist Kevin Mahoney and his replacement Seth Putnam both passed away in 2011 -- but the show happens July 9 at AS220 in Providence, RI with the reunited INFEST headlining, plus Dropdead, Boston Strangler, Fucking Invincible and Wound Man. Check the venue's calendar for ticket info.

No other dates announced at the moment that we're aware of. Listen to Siege's Drop Dead:

Siege Infest

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