Indie duo @ (pronounced "at") have signed to Carpark Records and announced their debut LP via the label. Mind Palace Music is due February 17, and @ released its lead single, "Friendship Is Frequency," today. The song features strangely soothing, layered vocal harmonies, with acoustic guitar and a unique synth driving the instrumental. @ multi-instrumentalist Stone Filipczak explains:

I had just been on a run with an older friend of mine and was complaining about how hard it is to make friends (it was about 6 months into the pandemic so lots of people were probably feeling that way). He said something about how friendship is all about frequency, you have to see people often in order for that familiarity and trust to form. I thought that sounded cool and started to conceptualize a double-entendre using the word frequency in its musicological sense. I imagined a visual waveform representing two people’s lives and that’s where the heart of the song comes from. I got home from the run and wrote the song in the shower in about 10 minutes. I think I recorded it that same day.

@ is the project of Stone and vocalist/guitarist Victoria Rose. They began making music together over text messages in spring 2020, while Stone was living in Baltimore and Victoria in Philadelphia. Over the last few years, their partnership has grown to encompass the pair's diverse musical backgrounds. Check out the artwork and track list for Mind Palace Music, and listen to "Friendship Is Frequency," below.

@, Mind Palace Music

@ - Mind Palace Music Tracklist
1. Parapet
2. Star Game
3. Letters
4. Friendship Is Frequency
5. Boxwood Lane
6. Where'd You Put Me
7. Major Blue Empty
8. First Journal
9. Cut From Toxic Cloth
10. Camera Phone
11. My Garden

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