Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi has been busy lately with Dark Morph, Riceboy Sleeps, and other projects, but he actually hasn't released proper solo music since 2010's great, often underrated debut solo album Go. That finally changed today, with his first solo single in a decade, "Exhale."

The song was co-produced with PC Music's A.G. Cook, and it's a little more on the ambient pop side than Go, but like that album, it reminds you that Jonsi is just as good at pop music as he is at sprawling, climactic post-rock. It's still's Jonsi's own unique version of "pop music," though, so it's glistening and ethereal and on the "art-" side. It's a great song, and it comes with a video directed by Jonsi and Giovanni Ribisi. Watch/listen below.

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