One of the Sigur Ros shows at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles will be streaming live tonight (4/14). The band says:

walt disney concert hall – april 14th live stream

live stream will be available here

los angeles – friday 21:00 / new york city – friday 00:00 / london – saturday 05:00 / paris – saturday 06:00 / tokyo – saturday 13:00 / sydney – saturday 14:00

this friday, april 14, sigur rós will perform at the walt disney concert hall in los angeles, in a special event featuring the los angeles philharmonic. the concert will be streamed by pitchfork [via their page] and facebook live. the performance will feature a 50-minute set of sigur rós performing with the los angeles philharmonic, followed by a second 50-minute set of the band playing songs on their own. the orchestral set will feature several guest arrangers, including dan deacon, owen pallett, nico muhly, anna meredith, and more. it all kicks off 8:50 p.m. pacific/11:50 p.m. eastern.

“this is all new ground for us. it’s been 15 years since we last played with an orchestra, and that wasn’t even sigur rós songs. the shows at the disney hall sold out fast, and only 4,500 people can get to experience it in the room. so we thought it would be good to let anyone who couldn’t get tickets and people around the world have the opportunity to see how all it comes together. there’s just one chance for us to rehearse with the l.a. phil ahead of time, so in all honesty we have no idea how this is going to go, but we promise it will be exciting.” – sigur rós

Sort of unfortunate timing, since the nearby Coachella festival is also streaming live tonight, but it looks like the timing works out almost perfectly for you to be able to stream Sigur Ros (midnight EST) right before Radiohead (1:40am EST).