Bushwick DIY mainstay The Silent Barn just got its liquor license, good news the venue shared today via Facebook. Congratulations! Tonight's sold-out show with Jeff Rosenstock, Camp Cope, and gobbinjr will be the first with the full bar, and there will likely be lots of celebratory, legal shots being drunk.

That said, as Silent Barn notes, "due to that bar having been delayed for so long by bureaucratic problems with the SLA, we are significantly behind on cash and need your help! We're sure it’s no news to anyone that times are tough now, and we have been experiencing a lot of growing pains lately, but we can say with confidence that this moment we are in right now is our awkward adolescent stage between our adorable childhood and our stellar future." They're throwing a benefit concert on Friday, July 7 at Brooklyn Bazaar with Fits, Crosslegged and Peaer (solo set) and tickets are $10 at the door.

Part of the benefit at Brooklyn Bazaar with be an open Q&A "to field any questions you might have about Silent Barn’s financial state. The only reason we are doing this is because if you are going to support us we want you to know that we will be accountable for that support to the best of our ability!" This coincides with Silent Barn today releasing their Financial Review:

Silent Barn Financial Manager Jordan Michael Iannucci also published notes on the Financial Review which you can read here.

You can also donate to Silent Barn and you can become a Silent Barn member ($25 donation or more monthly) that gets you into all of their events.

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