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Silent Barn

Silent Barn just raised a bunch of money to recover from a theft and be an even better venue ($36,965 as of this post), but...

"The Silent Barn has been a live-in space for its entire history," read a posted statement. "'Living in the stew' has been part of our mission as a venue, but it's also necessary financially--with rent dollars subsidizing the venue's costs, we were able to run Silent Barn with little regard for how much money we pull in through shows. ... Given the amount of support we've received through Kickstarter, we need to be certain that when we reopen Silent Barn, we will be able to keep our doors open for years to come. There is simply no way for The Silent Barn to continue at 915 Wyckoff." [Village Voice]

Yesterday was their final day at the Queens address, and everything they couldn't carry, they gave away.