Bob Nastanovich, who played in both Pavement and Silver Jews, seems to be the main source of David Berman news these days. Back in 2015 Nastanovich said, "the ice has broken," and that the SJ frontman Berman (who hasn't released a record since 2008)  had written new songs. Now, on the Three Songs podcast he does with Mike Hogan (as noted by Pitchfork), Bob said "I’m pleased to announce that my buddy David Berman is gonna put out in 2019 his first recorded output in a little over a decade."

Nastanovich also says David's new record will not be under the Silver Jews name, but as Purple Mountains and will be released via Drag City. (Purple Mountains is also the name of Berman's blog.) Stay tuned. You can listen to the Three Songs podcast below (the info about Berman starts around the :58 mark).

Berman put a lid on Silver Jews in 2009, writing on the Drag City message boards, “I always said we would stop before we got bad. If I continue to record I might accidentally write the answer song to ‘Shiny Happy People’.”

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