Simian Mobile Disco @ Pure, Philadelphia, PA - 7/6/7(CRED)
Simian Mobile Disco @ Pure

After a long day of not seeing the Boredoms, I needed to rest up for the pool the next day. That means I never made it Studio B to see Simian Mobile Disco. How was their "live" show?

Simian Mobile Disco @ Studio B, Brooklyn, NY - 7/7/7 (CRED)
Simian Mobile Disco @ Fixed

Knobs were constantly being twiddled, filters tweaked and cords shoved into patch bays as Jameses Ford and Shaw circled around a large pile of equipment in the middle of Studio B's stage. I'm not exactly sure what they were doing up there, or how they could see anything with those very cool light towers flashing frenetically. Sunglasses help in such cases. [Sound Bites]

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