Tennessee's Sinai Vessel have announced a followup to 2017's very good (and kinda underrated) Brokenlegged. It's called Ground Aswim, and it's the first album since two of the band's members left, turning Sinai Vessel into frontman Caleb Cordes' solo project. He ended up making this album with drummer Andrew Stevens (Lomelda, Hovvdy) and bassist/co-producer Jarrod Gee, and unlike Brokenlegged, this album was recorded live with minimal overdubs (with producer Tommy Read, who also frequently works with Lomelda). "It feels dangerously raw at points," Caleb says, "but simultaneously enthralling because it's so vulnerable."

Even with that rawer approach, lead single "Guest In Your Life" may actually sound even warmer than did Brokenlegged did. It's got a rich, lush indie/emo sound that's somewhere between Manchester Orchestra and Death Cab For Cutie, and if you're a fan of those bands, you'll probably wanna hear this too.

"'Guest In Your Life' was a song written while I was in a romantic partnership and processing that partnership’s hypothetical end," Caleb says. "It’s a song about how strange it can be to negotiate dissolving a relationship — no matter how much the two parties love and respect one another (as was the case in this partnership), there’s still a 'break,' still pain and confusion in recognizing that what 'is' falls short of what you imagined it could be. It’s also a song about trying to care warmly for a friend, and trying to see one another through parsing that pain."

Listen below. The album comes out October 30 (pre-order).

Sinai Vessel Ground Aswim

1. Where Did You Go?
2. Shameplant
3. A Must While So Near
4. Fragile
5. George
6. Birdseye
7. Guest In Your Life
8. Ringing
9. All Days Just End
10. Tunneling
11. Antechamber

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