Last year, Chicago indie-punks Sincere Engineer signed to Hopeless and released the excellent new single "Trust Me," which got us very excited for a followup to their 2017 debut LP Rhombithian. They still haven't announced the album, but they did just release a second single, and it's yet another great one.

"Tourniquet" starts out kind of in Dashboard Confessional-style emo-folk territory, before introducing Sincere Engineer's usual anthemic punk, and then taking another unexpected turn towards electronic pop. "This song is about when it gets cold out and the skin on my hands cracks really bad," Deanna Belos told Atwood Magazine (which is extra relatable in this year of increased hand-washing), "but I peppered in some DRAMA. I also employed one of my favorite phrases ever, ‘it’s always something’—I think it says so much without saying anything at all."

It's impactful stuff, as you can hear for yourself by checking out the Nolan J. Downs-directed video below...


Last year, Deanna spoke to us about her favorite albums of 2020.


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