Jens Lekman

People keep asking (for good reason) why Jens Lekman is listed as "singing DJ Jens Lekman". The short answer is because that's how he asked to be listed. The long answer is that when I got the idea that Jens might be around to play a show and asked him to play, I didn't expect him to say yes, but he did, BUT he could only play the show solo, AND he said it will be a "singing DJ" set. My main concern was that there was "singing". As long as Jens sings, I know it'll be good. Someone else close to the situation assured me that he's done this before and "it went great". Regardless, I was still pushing to get an official description of what it will be and this is the best I could get: "he is djing a bit, and he is singing a bit. A Singing DJ." It's Jens, so I think it's going to be great which will come after great sets by Passion Pit, Ponytail, Emmy the Great, The Sammies, and a really special, special guest. I'm sure Jens will also warm up the crowd properly for the late-night set by The Phenomenal Handclap Band. $15 tickets at Ticketmaster. Limited CMJ badges will be admitted.

Check out an Emmy The Great video below...

Emmy The Great - Easter Parade

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