Back in September, Single Mothers surprise-released their new album Through A Wall, which is the closest to breakneck-speed '80s hardcore that Single Mothers have ever come. It's a fun album that whips by in no time, and if you haven't heard it, you can stream it below.

Single Mothers' tour behind the album begins in their hometown of London, Ontario tonight (11/2) and goes on to make stops in Chicago, Cleveland, Brooklyn (11/9 at The Kingsland), Philly, DC, Atlanta, Nashville, and more.

Ahead of the tour, we caught up with frontman Drew Thomson and asked him what music he's been listening to lately, and he made a very diverse list that spans from Okkervil River to Cardi B to Phil Collins to Gouge Away and beyond. He also provided intriguing, personalized commentary and you can check out his picks and read what he had to say, below.


The Craig Brown Band - "Get This Money"

A few months ago my other band played a show in my hometown of London, ON at Call The Office - a place dreams are made of - with The Craig Brown Band. I didn’t know much about them, but Tony Lima (owner of Call The Office) nudged me into playing. I’m glad I did, and thank you Tony for thinking of me. They were fantastic. I don’t often watch full sets, my attention wains or my knees start to hurt or I find some other excuse, but I was glued. After they played I picked up a copy of ‘The Lucky Ones Forget.’ Craig was looking for weed, I didn’t have any.


Okkervil River - "Don’t Move Back To LA"

I’ve been a big Okkervil River fan for years. I’ve mentioned them in a SM song or two and because of the tone some people think I’m making fun of them or don’t like the band, but I was more/less poking fun at myself probably. I thought ‘Away’ was a very beautiful album, but when I heard "Don’t Move Back To LA" on the day it came out I was so excited to have that part of the band back. I listened, attentively - to it 20 times in a row, probably - and I still listen to it whenever I wake up in a good mood - it’s a nice one to throw on in the van first thing in the morning when everyone is groggy and chugging half empty water bottles from under the middle bench.


Cardi B - "Bickenhead"

Nothing gets me more pumped before a set than this fucking jam. Peter (guitar) hates it. Riley doesn’t mind. A little dressing room drama never hurt this band. CARDI


Ancient Shapes - "I Wanna Put My Tears Back"

Ancient Shapes will be in your playlist if they aren’t already just wait - happiness is on the horizon. Ancient Shapes will find you.


Phil Collins - "Can’t Stop Loving You"

Have you ever seen Phil Collins play live? I have, recently - and it was, honestly - it was incredible. I’m not sure what expectations I had going into it; my cousin had bought tickets and I was just kind of along for the ride but whatever my preconceived notion had been - it was about to be shattered. My mom really liked Phil when I was growing up and I remember that 'red face' album, CD ‘No Jacket Required’ - the cover burned into my tiny young brain, it was satanic to a 5 year old - old devil guy mom liked. Anyways, Phil walked onstage with a cane and sat right down on a chair at the front of the stage - I was already loving this - nothing says rockstar like ‘you paid $90 for me to sit’ but he went on to explain there had been a back surgery etc.. and I was even more sold on the fact that Phil is touring in this condition - Anyway… Phil sat there and gave the performance of a lifetime, never missing a note. Did I shed a tear? Do I now know how to play 18 Phil Collins songs? Will SM be covering "Can’t Stop Loving You"? I thought about taking singing lessons the next day but I haven’t really looked into it. I don’t know tho, maybe I still will.

PS. His 17 year old son played drums the entire tour.


Gouge Away - "Can’t Relate"

Gouge Away are an incredible force. Their new album ‘Burnt Sugar’ out on Deathwish Inc. is one of the best albums to come out this year and their live show is something that needs to be witnessed. We were lucky to tour with them and Touche Amore last year - and it was easily the greatest tour we’ve ever been apart of - being able to watch both bands live every night was a treat and something I MISS EVERYDAY. God Bless Gouge Away.


Sleaford Mods - "Bronx In A Six"

Do people still like Sleaford Mods? Who cares. I saw them in Toronto - on one side of me were a couple 17 year olds, on the other side of me there was a 60 year old lady - she could hardly see the stage - we were right behind the sound guy, best place in the house to watch from - we shuffled back and forth a bit, the youth went to go get drinks, we moved over, she found a sweet spot, didn’t stray from it the entire rest of the set. What crowd I thought, what a band. Just 2 guys and all one does is press play on a laptop - it could even just be a wasn't pugged in or anything. These guys figured it out.


Cass McCombs - "You Saved My Life"

Here is a song to pull at yer heart strings, sad at 4am on the back bench wondering why you’re doing this in your 30s - on repeat… oh, another missed FaceTime. Why lord, why.


Single Mothers -- 2018 Tour Dates
11/2 London, ON – Call The Office
11/3 Windsor, ON – Windsor Beer Exchange
11/6 Chicago, IL – Schubas
11/7 Columbus, OH – The Basement
11/8 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
11/9 Brooklyn, NY – Kingsland
11/11 Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy
11/12 Washington, DC – Songbyrd
11/14 Atlanta, GA – Purgatory
11/16 Nashville, TN – The End
11/17 Lexington, KY – Cosmic Charlie’s
11/18 Lansing, MI – Macs Bar
11/20 Ottawa, ON – House of TARG
11/21 Quebec City, QC – L’Anti
11/22 Kingston, ON – Mansion/Cellar
11/23 Montreal, QC – Turbohaus
11/24 Toronto, ON – Garrison

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