1:02 a.m.: Skrillex comes on and the crowd, to no surprise, goes wild. He grabs the mic and tells everyone to take their pictures. The flashes are blinding. Moments later, he asks everyone to put their phones away so everyone can dive right into the music. For the most part, the crowd complies.

1:10 a.m.: A new level of energy has been unlocked. He drops JOYRYDE's blood-pumping record "Hari Kari" and the crowd moves in sync to the bass house beat. Everyone is feeling fresh and ready to go hard.

1:18 a.m.: Skrillex plays out his new record, "Would You Ever" featuring Poo Bear, a nice breather from his heavy house and dubstep hitters. He then jumps on the table and the sound cuts out. However, the audio comes back in a few seconds later and we're back in a groove.

2:40 a.m.: Skrillex just sent Sliink and Jas Davis into the crowd to start a mosh pit, and then, BOOM...a wild Boys Noize appears.

2:49 a.m.: Let the back-to-back begin! The Dog Blood super-group hits the ground running with "Next Order" from their debut EP back in 2012.

...6:45 a.m.: Webster Hall's security staff cuts the music, after Webster Hall's resident DJs had gone back-to-back for a hot minute. [Billboard]

Webster Hall as we know it closes this week to undergo renovations and then reopen under new ownership, AEG and BSE, with Bowery Presents taking over booking. The final club night went down on Saturday (8/5) with headliner Skrillex, who normally plays much bigger rooms these days. Needless to say, the place was packed and it was madness. As the review quoted above points out, he brought out his pal Boys Noize to play some of their collaborative Dog Blood songs, and the party went until 6:45 AM. The night was opened by Ekali and Deux Twins. More pictures and some videos of the craziness are below. We also stopped by Webster Hall before doors opened for the evening to check out the scene (and the line); pictures of that in the gallery below.

No word yet if Bowery Presents will continue doing club nights at Webster Hall, so the Skrillex show may have been the last of its kind.

The very last show under Webster's current ownership is August 10 with a secret hip hop headliner. Who do you think it will be? UPDATE: It's Action Bronson.

The venue has had other surprises in the past week, like a secret Tyler the Creator show (with appearances by Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky) and a last-minute Nine Inch Nails show.

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