NYC's Skullshitter are releasing a split with Toronto's Bleeding Out on September 27 via Nerve Altar (pre-order). We recently posted the opening song, Skullshitter's "Council of Disease," and we're now premiering another Skullshitter song from the split, "Lava Seed." While "Council of Disease" was a 52-second onslaught of deathgrind, "Lava Seed" sees Skullshitter slowing it down for some bulldozing sludge, and only briefly cranking up the speed in the song's mid-section. Skullshitter are just as much of a beast in this mode as they are sped up -- hear for yourself below. The band's own comment on the song is this: "Lava Seed pounds life back into the thirsty corpses littering the Earth’s barren womb. Intoxicating the species. Human and beast alike awaken to the wet heat of Lava Seed, rock and roll tremors crumble encrustulations. Corpses return."

Skullshitter and Bleeding Out are also touring together, beginning in Skullshitter's hometown on 10/5 at The Broadway and ending in Bleeding Out's hometown on 10/12 at SeeScape. All dates are listed below.

1. Skullshitter – Council Of Disease
2. Skullshitter – Acid Crazed Gravediggers
3. Skullshitter – Mindpower 2
4. Skullshitter – Psychic Landfill
5. Skullshitter – Wrath Snorter
6. Skullshitter – Blasphemoslayer
7. Skullshitter – Lava Seed
8. Skullshitter – Parable Of Power
9. Bleeding Out – Landfill Cemetery
10. Bleeding Out – Let The Scum Die Slowly
11. Bleeding Out – Flesh From The Past
12. Bleeding Out – Shattering Blood
13. Bleeding Out – Rebirth Of Failure
14. Bleeding Out – Brand New Heaven
15. Bleeding Out – Putrid Death In A Perfect World
16. Bleeding Out – Mirrors Of War

Skullshitter / Bleeding Out -- 2019 Tour Dates
10/05/2019 The Broadway – Brooklyn, NY
10/06/2019 Dusk – Providence, RI
10/07/2019 Vanishing Point Philadelphia, PA
10/08/2019 Atlas Brew Works – Washington, DC
10/09/2019 The Waywood – Raleigh, NC
10/10/2019 Banditos – Richmond, VA
10/11/2019 Black Market Records - Cleveland, OH
10/12/2019 SeeScape – Toronto, ON

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