NYC deathgrinders Skullshitter are gearing up to release their new album Goat Claw on May 6 via Nerve Altar (pre-order), and we're now premiering the glitchy black-and-white video for new single "Digitally Reproductive World," a 67-second whiplash-inducing blur that the band calls "a grindcore trip through the trivial rituals we put ourselves through to satisfy our new digital needs." Check it out below.

The new album was recorded by Anicon's Nolan Voss, who also does guest vocals on it, mixed by Jamie Uertz, and mastered by Greg Wilkinson, and it also features guest vocals from Nolan's Anicon bandmate Owen Rundquist, synths/keys by Jessie Nelson, and aux percussion by Mike Nichols.

Angel Of Decay
Auto Cannibal Nihilistic Creep
In The Grip Of The Goat Claw
Dripping Violence
Struggle To Die
Digitally Reproductive World
Axis Mundi
The Beast
Smoke Break
Bone Own
Morbid Tomb
Locus Of Death

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