Sky Ferreira turns out to be a cast member of the new Twin Peaks: The Return and not one of the many musicians who perform at the show's local hangout, The Roadhouse, though that is where we meet her character, Ella. Spoiler alert: she's got got a drug problem, and a rash and it doesn't look good. It's during this scene that we do get a musical performer at the Roadhouse, Hudson Mohawke, who plays "Human."

Hudson is not the only performer at The Bang Bang Bar this week, however, as Au Revoir Simone once again appear over the closing credits, this time performing "A Violent Yet Flammable World." Watch that, which includes a bit of the Sky Ferreira scene, below.

This was a much more "normal" episode of Twin Peaks, following the most abstract episode yet to air. PS if you were wondering if the blog Matthew Lilard's character has -- "The Search for the Zone" -- exists, it does, though it seems to be an elaborate ad for the show's two new soundtracks.

Nine episodes down, nine still to go.

Sky Ferreira is also in Edgar Wright's new movie, Baby Driver.


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