Sky Ferreira has been promising new music for a while, she recently announced her return to the stage with Pitchfork Festival, and now she has released a new official single, "Downhill Lullaby," presumably off her much-delayed album Masochism. Sky also talked about her return in a lengthy Pitchfork cover story. Here's an excerpt:

...As for Masochism. She tells me she produced most of it herself, wrote with Los Angeles-based dream-pop artist Tamaryn, and worked with Ariel Pink collaborator Jorge Elbrecht. The proper album is coming, Sky swears, almost positively in 2019. Granted, she said the same thing last year—and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that—but this time, she has finally loosened her grip on some songs.

“Downhill Lullaby” may sound like dying Disney birds and “Don’t Forget” may be electro-pop arson, but Sky promises “more poppy” songs on Masochism too, as well as more “abstract,” orchestral stuff. “It’s very big, but also very violent,” she says, half-chuckling. “But not all the songs are super-dark.” Beyond that—the number of songs, tracklist, other credited collaborators—who can say? Sky can’t yet. She has some songs in mind she’d still like to write.

"Downhill Lullaby" a dark, string-laden song with creepy David Lynch-ian atmospheres (Sky was on Twin Peaks, and co-produced this with the series' music supervisor, Dean Hurley), and it's a clear and strong departure from her last album. Going by this song, Masochism may indeed be worth the wait.

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