by Bill Pearis


The Prodigy's new album, The Day Is My Enemy, which is their sixth LP to go to #1 in the UK charts, came out a couple weeks ago. The current single from the electronica vets is "Ibiza" which features Sleaford Mods. It sounds pretty much like you'd expect it to, with Jason Williamson angy spiel fitting in well with The Prodigy's metallic techno. The song is an attack on superstar DJ culture (and the Spanish resort town where EDM runs rampant). The Prodigy's Liam Howlett told FACT:

"It's an attack on these mindless fucking jokers that arrive in their Learjets, pull a USB stick out of their pockets, plug it in and wave their hands in the air to a pre-programmed mix," said Howlett. "I can't name names, but our lighting guy pulled out a CD, and said this is blah blah blah's set, and I'm like, 'What do you mean?' Turns out that our lighting guy plays it from the front of house while this DJ is onstage pretending to push buttons.

"Maybe I'm an angry person, but I was infuriated by this laziness. What's all that shit about? You can't build a scene around that, it's never going to last or be credible."

The video for the song was just released and features Williamson and the band badgering a nebbish travel agent. You can watch it below.

"Ibiza" will also be released as a Record Store Day 7" in the UK. Sleaford Mods' new album is in the can, stay tuned for details on that.