After reuniting and releasing the killer comeback album No Cities To Love in 2015, Sleater-Kinney are back with plans for another new album in 2019, and making it like 100x more exciting than it already was, St. Vincent is producing! Both artists just revealed the news on Facebook with the above picture. We can't wait to hear more.

Photographer Jonny Cournoyer (who took the above photo) also added some insight on Instagram: "i was lucky to be able to hang and witness the writing / tracking process and get to document it all. from the snippets i heard it sounds KILLER."

Update: Carrie Brownstein provided more info via NPR: "We always planned on getting back in the studio — it was just a matter of when. If there is an overarching principle to this album, it's that the tools on which we were relying proved inadequate. So we sought new ones, both metaphorically and literally." The album is confirmed for a 2019 release.

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