Sleater Kinney Sleater Kinney played Roseland Ballroom in NYC the other night. This is the text message I got from someone leaving the show: "SLEATER KINNEY WERE UNREAL! THEY PLAYED DANZIGS MOTHER!"

One Louder confirms the Mother playing and more with their review and photos. Fluxblog says the show was frustrating. Yahoo news reviewed another recent show.

Sleater Kinney played Letterman last night. Prefix has the video.

Central Village points out that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah & Sleater Kinney are tied for first place with matching 9.0's this year at Pitchfork. Many people agree (in the comments) that Sleater Kinney put out one of the best albums this year.

I've still got it (The Woods) in rotation (listening to it right now even). Status = I love it, but it has yet to hook (addict) me. Art Brut and the new White Stripes are in the same category (its sort of like I need to remind myself to listen to these great albums instead of the albums reminding me).

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