Dave Cutbush, company director of Perth-based touring company Life Is Noise, has been fired after admitting to allegations of sexual misconduct, including pressuring a minor into going on a date with him. One of the bands that Cutbush had recently booked was doom legends Sleep, who have cancelled their upcoming New Zealand/Australia tour in light of the allegations. Sleep write:

We have learned today of allegations of sexual harassment and verbal and physical abuse by Dave Cutbush of Life is Noise. We cannot and will not tolerate this behavior with anyone. We cannot tolerate or work with those who are complicit in this behavior either. In light of this, and with utmost respect to those affected, it is with great regret that we must cancel our planned tour of New Zealand and Australia this coming January. We hope to arrange another tour with a new promoter or touring company, to be determined at a future date.
Stay safe and make your voices heard.


Hysteria Mag also points out that Cutbush's former associate Robert MacManus posted on Facebook, "Looks like the truth about Life Is Noise is finally starting to surface. Dave Cutbush has a LONG history of abusing women, and this has come directly from women I know who have either seen it first hand or have been on the receiving end of his wrath. As Hysteria points out, MacManus and Cutbush severed ties in 2012 after a Sunn O))) tour was cancelled "under acrimonious circumstances."

Chelsea Wolfe's upcoming Australian shows were also booked by Life Is Noise, and some fans are urging her to reconsider working with Life Is Noise, and others are asking her if she'll be cancelling her tour.

You can see screenshots from two of Cutbush's accusers at Hysteria. Life Is Noise's statement and Cutbush's own statement are both below.



To everyone this may concern,

I would like to address the accusations levelled in social media and beyond about my conduct. It is true that in the past I have acted poorly and in a manner that is inappropriate and sleazy.

Using my male privilege to gain sexual favours has been disrespectful towards women. I have used my position in the music industry to my advantage. I have propositioned women much younger than me and have behaved creepily in person at music events and online.

I wish to apologise to the many women I have hurt. However, I don’t expect forgiveness. It has taken me too long to realise I have created situations which made women in the music community and beyond feel uncomfortable or unsafe. I’m now committed to examining my actions and learning ways to change.

The #metoo campaign and more recently the #menomore campaign has been weighing heavily on my mind. I thought this day would come when my actions and behaviours would be exposed, and I deserve to be found out.

Specifically, I would like to apologise to the young girl in Sydney I asked out for a drink. This was a few years ago and she was 16 at the time, and this proposition was not appropriate as I was almost 20 years older. I am sorry for that. It was entirely out of line.

Whilst I have acted shamefully and said things I regret, I have at no stage physically or sexually abused anyone. This is something of which I am certain. Any allegations to the contrary are untrue.

I have been removed, effective immediately as a Director of Life Is Noise and will have no future involvement in the company. I would like to offer my sincere apologies to my former business partner, whom is in no way responsible for my actions and behaviours.

I humbly acknowledge these mistakes have not just affected the many women I have hurt but everyone around me, my family, friends and colleagues who have stuck up for me over the years. I sincerely apologise to you all.

But most of all I am sorry to the many women I have treated inappropriately, hit on, been sleazy towards or any other negative, disrespectful behaviour. Should anyone wish to speak with me in person, I am here to offer you my apology face to face. There are no excuses for what I have done.

I am also seeking treatment for substance abuse problems which is not an excuse for my behaviour but an explanation of the context surrounding such poor actions.

I want to respectfully acknowledge my wrongs and educate myself to be a more compassionate human and show more respect to women.

I will be taking time to deeply reflect on ways to change and be a better person. None of these words makes this right. But I am genuinely and deeply sorry.