While NYC is slowly reopening from its coronavirus shutdown, plenty of particularly high-risk businesses, music venues and nightclubs among them, remain closed for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, it feels like a weird time to be trying to open a club, but as Bowery Boogie reports, that's just what one of Sleep No More's producers, Arthur Karpati, is trying to do. Karpati, who is one of three owners of Emursive, the company that produces the immersive theater experience, has joined up with Christopher Brooks to file a Community Board request for a liquor license.

The location listed is 191 Chrystie St, a building that Karpati owns, and that previously housed Et All and Experimental Cocktail Club. They're proposing operating hours of 11 AM - 4 AM daily, with 19 tables, and 78 seats. A name is still TBA, though. Stay tuned for more on that.

Meanwhile, back in March the Community Board rejected a liquor license request for another proposed venture from Emursive, an immersive theatrical experience similar to Sleep No More in the Financial District, at the 57-story former City Bank-Farmer Trust building at 20 Exchange Place/18 William Street. As Tribeca Citizen points out, the Board said the show would bring "enormous negative quality of life issues” to an “already saturated small neighborhood, coupled with a traffic plan that does not come close to addressing any type of workable management."

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