Sleepwalk with me

Mike Birbiglia's new show Sleepwalk With Me "just started this new post-show talk-back segment called 'An Awkward Ten Minutes With Mike' where Mike brings on a friend of his after the show to share a previously untold uncomfortable story (going along with the whole telling uncomfortable stories theme of SWM). The first Awkward Ten Minutes guest was Nathan Lane and it was a total hit. And this Thursday (12/11), we've got Zach Galifianakis coming!"

You can get tickets at, or call Telecharge at (212) 239-6200. Tickets are kind of pricey at $49.50, BUT "a limited number of tickets are also available 1 hour before the show (in this case, 7 pm) at the box office. Line forms outside the theater's main door (the one with the huge Mike Birbiglia face on it) - $25 (50% off!). Cash only - Bring valid student ID and/or proof of broke-ness (we're serious!)"

Ira Glass is the special guest on December 17th.