by BBG


Pittsburgh's Slices returns with another wrecking ball of noise-infested nihilism on Still Cruising, the band's latest offering via Iron Lung Records, follow-up to last year's Kemado-released Modern Bride / Chump Change 7", and sequel to their 2010 debut LP Cruising on Iron Lung. For the unfamiliar, Slices utilize a mix of razor-sharp hardcore and noise-punk that recalls favorites like Brainbombs or Pissed Jeans. Clocking in at a taut 20-minutes, Slices' compelling new offering never outwears its welcome and cements the band's vitriolic virtuosity.

Look for the record soon via Iron Lung Records, and stream five tracks from the LP and a song from their Kemado 7", below...


Selections from Slices - Still Cruising (tracks 1, 2, 4 & 5)

Slices - Still Cruising track 3 "Greeensleeves"

Slices - "Modern Bride"

Speaking of Pissed Jeans, they recently played LPR with Pitt punks Kim Phuc as well as Ceremony/Hoax/Rival Mob.

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