Slipknot (and Stone Sour) frontman Corey Taylor has announced his first-ever solo album, CMFT, due October 2 via Roadrunner (pre-order). Along with the announcement comes two singles: "CMFT Must Be Stopped" (which features Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie) and "Black Eyes Blues." As you may expect from the guests, "CMFT Must Be Stopped" is rap metal, while "Black Eyes Blues" finds Corey dishing out melodic alternative rock. Watch the official music video for the former and the lyric video for the latter below.

The album was produced by past Stone Sour collaborator Jay Ruston and Corey's band for it includes Stone Sour's Christian Martucci [guitar], Zach Throne [guitar], Prong's Jason Christopher [bass], and Walls of Jericho's Dustin Robert [drums]. Artwork and tracklist below too.

Here's some more background from a SPIN interview with Corey:

Taylor told everyone who would be involved in the sessions “to quarantine for two weeks. I said, ‘Stay the fuck away from everyone and anyone, social distance … do everything and when the time comes, drive into Las Vegas. Don’t fly.’ We did it right. And once we were in the studio, we stayed away from everybody, and had no real contact with the outside world.”

Over two-and-a-half weeks, Taylor and his imposing backing band ripped through 25 tracks. CMFT will feature 13 original songs, including “Black Eyes Blue” and the collaborative “CMFT Must Be Stopped,” featuring guest appearances by Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie. They also recorded several B-sides: six acoustic versions of Taylor’s originals and six covers, including “Lunatic Fringe” by Red Rider, “On the Dark Side” by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, “Shakin’” by the recently departed Eddie Money, and “All This and More” by Dead Boys.

Taylor says he has enough material written for two more solo albums, but no plans yet to record those songs.

“The plan is to drop this and do some virtual stuff,” Taylor says. “Maybe some weird social distancing shows in the near future or whatever. Just seeing what can happen — regulations applying, obviously. The plan is next year, once things resume, to wrap up touring with Slipknot and then, once I’m done taking care of all my affairs with Slipknot, go back into the studio, record the second one, and then go out and tour on two albums instead of just one.”

Corey Taylor

HWY 666
Black Eyes Blue
Samantha’s Gone
Meine Lux
Halfway Down
Culture Head
Everybody Dies On My Birthday
The Maria Fire
CMFT Must Be Stopped [Feat. Tech N9ne & Kid Bookie]
European Tour Bus Bathroom Song

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