Gregory Macdonald has been playing keyboards and singing backup with Canadian greats Sloan since 2006, and has been a bit of the band's secret weapon, too. (He also plays in Limblifter and has been in Butch Walker's band.) He makes his own music, too, and has just released a solo album under the name Cola Wars via Sloan's Murderecords label. This is about as far away from Sloan as you can get -- transportive longform synthscapes that pull from early '80s soundtracks (John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream), techno and beyond.

Speaking of John Carpenter, they've made a trailer for the Cola Wars album that pays homage to the director's 1988 sci-fi action thriller They Live which also ties into the '80s/'90s Oakley sunglasses featured on the album art. Directed by Haris Cehajic, it puts MacDonald in the Roddy Piper role, and though there's not a lot of ass kicking or gum chewing, it's still very cool. The trailer premieres in this post and you can watch that, and listen to the album, below.

They've made a They Live-esque poster for the album, too, which comes with vinyl copies of the album. There are only 300 copies pressed so you might not want to wait to order yours.

Cola Wars poster

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