Canadian rock greats Sloan are back with a new single, "Silence Trumps Lies." While the song isn't explicitly political -- the title reads like "silence beats lies" -- it's hard not to hear it as "Silence Trump's Lies," especially when it's written and sung by the band's biggest lover of double entendres and wordplay, Chris Murphy. A '70s style lush rock ballad, the song includes lines like "Put your pride and vanity away / Tomorrow could be way worse than today so / Stop saying the things you can’t unsay." Whatever its real intentions, "Silence Trumps Lies" is certainly a very catchy Sloan song. Listen to that below.

If you're wondering if there's more where this came from, Chris tells us they're in the early stages of a new album. (Their last album was 2018's 12.) "Sloan has been sharing demos with an eye on recording if we are still allowed to be in the same room," Chris says. "I hung out with Jay today, Patrick yesterday and Andrew the day before. I think we have some great new material." Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Chris has also been doing livestream shows, the second of which happens Sunday, October 4 at 5 PM Eastern. Tickets are on sale. "I’d like to do four exclusive solo shows in 2020 with no repeating any songs," Chris says.

Murphy and Jay Ferguson, who run Sloan's murderecords label, have also launched a podcast where "they take a deeper dive and discuss the archival and special recordings released on their own murderecords label." There's only been two episodes so far, the most recent being about the 1980s Halifax scene, and the other about cult songwriter Matthew Grimson who just got a posthumous album released via the label. You can listen to those below.

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