While Sloppy Jane are known for their wild, free-spirited live shows they make studio records too, and their new album, Willow, will be released March 2. It was made by singer/songwriter/leader Haley Dahl and Sara Cath (who is currently not involved in Sloppy Jane) in Joel Jerome’s studio in Los Angeles. Of the album, Haley tells us it's "a nonfiction story about a girl named Willow who existed within the walls of a strip club in Inglewood, who ran away to the desert to hustle pool with a lion, and who burned herself alive for my freedom. She was buried at sea alongside her best friend."

We've got the premiere of "Potassium," which closes the album. "While it doesn't serve as a conclusion (because there isn't one), it re-states the facts presented in the entire record but through a slightly different perspective," Haley says. "It is certainly an exhalation where the walls crumble away and the light is let in; which feels both like being relieved and being overexposed, all at once." It's ragged and harmonious, with an definite mid-'90s feel. Haley also says that while she likes the song as a taster for Willow, "I suggest listening to the entire record in full when it is released, because it is the most satisfying at the very end." Until you can do that, check out "Potassium" (as well as "La Cluster") below.

Sloppy Jane, whose live lineup nearly numbers double digits, will be heading to Austin for SXSW next month and will be touring around the fest, starting with a NYC record release party at The Glove on March 7 with Shimmer and improvisational troublemakers Sugar Life (more info). After SXSW, they'll hit the West Coast. All dates are listed below.


Sloppy Jane - Willow tracklist
01. King Hazy Lady
02. Mindy
03. Kitchen Store
04. Bark Like A God
05. King Mitis
06. In The Future It Was Me That Burned It Down
07. Where's My Wife
08. La Cluster
09. Peroxide Beach
10. Potassium (We Saw Everything)

Sloppy Jane - 2018 Tour Dates
3/7- record release at The Glove with Shimmer + Sugar Life
3/8- Little Grill in Harrisburg VA
3/10- Third Man Records in Nashville
3/12- Melted Magazine party (SXSW)
3/13- Dallas TX with Ed Schraeder's Music Beat
3/14- Desert Daze showcase (SXSW)
3/15- San Antonio TX w/ Buttertones
3/17- Invertebrate Showcase (day) Siren Sound Showcase (night) (SXSW)
3/22- Non Plus Ultra (Los Angeles)

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