You can get all three of Slowdive's '90s albums for Creation in the BrooklynVegan Shop

To go along with our list of Creation Records' 21 Best Records, we've been asking some of the artists who were on the label to tell us about their favorites. Here we've got a list from shoegaze icons Slowdive.

Named for a Siouxsie and the Banshees song, Slowdive crafted oceans of celestial sound with their guitars for a style unlike any of the other groups lumped in with the early-'90s shoegaze scene. Slowdive's eponymous debut EP came out via Creation in late 1990, and the group would release four more EPs, including the essential Morningrise, and three albums via Creation: their 1992 debut album Just for a Day; 1993's fantastic Souvlaki which had them collaborating with Brian Eno; and 1995's underrated, experimental and Eno-esque Pygmalion. Slowdive called quits shortly after releasing Pygmalion, and singer/guitarists Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead went on to form Mojave 3. While the band were never as popular as some of the other bands at the time, their reputation grew and their records aged wonderfully. Slowdive reunited in 2014, released their excellent fourth album in 2017 and are more popular now than their were in the '90s.

Slowdive are in the studio now working on their new album, but they took a little time out of their busy schedules to put together both a group list of favorites and a few individual picks. Check out their list below.

You can also check out a list of Creation Records favorites from Ride's Andy Bell.

Slowdive's Christian Savill and Rachel Goswell are also part of Beachy Head who just announced their debut album.



My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
House of Love - S/T
Ride - Nowhere
Swervedriver - Raise


Individual Slowdive members picks:

NICK CHAPLIN: Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque


RACHEL GOSWELL: Primal Scream - Screamadelica
"Soundtrack in its entirety to some of my misspent youth. Heady happy days."


SIMON SCOTT: Meat Whiplash - "Don’t Slip Up"
"A mind blowing 7” that I heard before the Mary chain."


CHRISTIAN SAVILL & NEIL HALSTEAD: Felt- Forever Breathes The Lonely Word


NEIL & CHRISTIAN: Various Artists - Doing It For The Kids compilation



You can get all three of Slowdive's Creation albums -- Just for a Day, Souvlaki and Pygmalion -- in the BrooklynVegan Shop.

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