London Fashion Week is underway, and among the many designers presenting their Spring 2022 collections is Jayne Pierson, whose new collection is titled 'Ceridwen' and is inspired by "Celtic mythology, organic shapes and nature," specifically the story of the Mabinogion in which Ceridwen is "a medieval enchantress, possessing a cauldron of poetic inspiration and the Tale of Taliesin."

The 'Ceridwen' collection also features collaborations with Slowdive's Rachel Goswell, who created some stunning glasswork for four of the pieces. “By using different coloured reactive glass, with 98% silver foil, the glass pieces have produced truly unpredictable results thereby rendering each piece made completely unique," say Rachel. "Each piece of glass is hand cut and has been cold worked so that no sharp edges remain. Without conforming to technically perfect cuts, retaining uneven edges adds to the dystopian feel for this collection. Approximately 1000 holes have been drilled into the glass. The joy in glass fusing is not knowing how each piece will turn out until the kiln is opened."

You can check out a photo of Pierson and Goswell's collaborations, along with other pieces from the Ceridwen collection, below. Learn more about Ceridwen here.

Rachel is a glass maker when not playing in one of the best shoegaze bands ever, and you can learn more -- and buy some of her pieces -- at her website.

Meanwhile, Rachel provided us with a little update on the new Slowdive album. "I can tell you that we are still working on it but that's all at the moment," she says, adding that there should be real news early next year. Stay tuned.


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