84 Tigers is a new band with some familiar faces from the Michigan punk/post-hardcore scene: Mike and Ben Reed of Small Brown Bike and Jono Diener of The Swellers. They formed in 2021 after Mike sent a batch of demos to Ben and Jono, and Jono had this to say about the band's formation: "The pandemic changed the way we all looked at music. For once it wasn't about the next tour, or the next show. We had to laser focus on the music, so that's exactly what we did. I've been a big fan of the Reed brothers' projects for years, so it's incredible to be a part of one. It's also odd — the immediate chemistry we had when it came to writing and playing together. It's not often you find people who have a built-in shared brain for that kind of stuff."

Their first single is "Kingdom of One," which was recorded by Marc Jacob Hudson (Against Me!, Taking Back Sunday, etc). "Throughout the pandemic, writing and demoing songs was a distracting and cathartic way to deal with how surreal the world had become," Mike said. "This song speaks to that."

"Kingdom of One" is a '90s-style post-hardcore/alt-rock fusion that brings to mind stuff like Quicksand and Jawbox, and if you're a fan of those bands, or 84 Tigers' members' other bands, you should definitely give this a listen. It premieres below.

The band's first show will be at Flint City Hard Cider Co in Flint, Michigan on April 15 with BoneHawk.


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