Norwegian experimental pop duo Smerz (Catharina Stoltenberg and Henriette Motzfeldt) have announced a new project, Believer, which is due in 2021 and will be their third release, following 2018's Have Fun and 2016's Okey.

Exact release date is TBA, but the Benjamin Barron-directed "trailer" is out now featuring two new songs, "The Favourite" and "Rap Interlude." As the haunting, melancholic "The Favourite" plays, the video unfolds in various fairytale-like scenes. In one, Stoltenberg unlocks a door, finding Motzfedlt on the other side, standing at the end of a long corridor, appearing completely angelic. In another, they're seen living in a picturesque countryside landscape, engaging in everyday activities from doing laundry to bathing.

"Rap Interlude," which does indeed sound like Smerz's own weird version of what a rap interlude might be, plays during the trailer's title sequence, which shows words carved into wooden boards. You can watch/listen below.

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