Smile Machine is the solo project of Jordyn Blakely, who's drummed in Stove, Maneka, Bartees Strange's band, and more, and she's releasing her debut EP Bye For Now on July 16 via Exploding In Sound (pre-order). She recently released lead single "Shit Apple" and we're now premiering second single "Pretty Today," along with its Brant Louck-directed video, which stars Jordyn alongside a pink teddy bear.

"This song is about wanting to create your own identity and break free from unhealthy patterns or behaviors, creating your own sense of self and not feeling stuck or enmeshed in your environment," Jordyn says. "Feeling confused about who you truly are and want to be; like maybe you never really knew yourself and are trying to figure it out all over again. It also is about examining one's codependent tendencies, and how loving someone can feel smothering or you can be the person smothering someone."

It's fueled by fuzzed-out, Dinosaur Jr-esque guitars, but Jordyn offsets the noise with the twee-ish dream pop vibes of her airy falsetto vocals. It makes for a nice contrast, as you can hear for yourself below...


Smile Machine Bye For Now

1. Bone To Pick
2. Pretty Today
3. Snail S(h)ell
4. Stars
5. Shit Apple

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