Trip hop vets Sneaker Pimps will release Squaring the Circle, their first album 20 years, next week (pre-order on exclusive vinyl) and they've just shared one final early taste before the whole thing drops. "Alibis" is fragile funk, a sultry downtempo bubblebath that has heavy thoughts on its mind. "You’re like cellophane," Chris Comer sings in a delicate falsetto, "You think that you got it wrapped up with your brutal suffocating ways."

Ian Pickering, Sneaker Pimps' longtime collaborator who co-wrote the lyrics, calls it, “A lullaby for the 21st century’s descent into ever greater suffering, pitching the rise of populism against the complicity of distraction; anaesthetised mix of fear and pleasure in the face of total powerlessness, an expression of remorse in succumbing to the shallow victory of self-absorbed rhetoric, conscience-washing commercials, tailored soundbites and empowering t-shirt slogans.” You can listen to "Alibis" and three remixes of the track below.

Squaring the Circle will be out September 10 and you can preorder our exclusive, limited-to-250-copies double LP set pressed on coke bottle clear vinyl in the BV shop.

Sneaker Pimps are hosting an online Pre-Listening Party on September 8 at 4 PM EDT which will be fans' first chance to hear the album in full, as well as chat with the group's Chris Comer, Liam Howe and Simonne while it plays. Tickets are on sale and all attendees "will be sent a link to an exclusive surprise download 24hrs after the event ends."

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Sneaker Pimps - Squaring the Circle ad

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