SNL Writers STrike.

The writers strike (as seen in the photo above) has caused two NYC shows to look for a new home. That means 150 lucky people are going to see a live performance of Saturday Night Live at the UCB Theatre, and another 150 will get to see 30 Rock.

Proceeds from the sale of tickets to "30 Rock" - priced at a modest $20 - will go to the Writers Guild strike fund, the Web site says.

The writers' strike, which began 10 days ago, immediately shut down production of "SNL" and "30 Rock" because so many of the stars also write the shows. [NY Post] (via)

The 30 Rock listing says some people will get in at the door. Good luck with that.

For a more sure bet, stop by the UCB at 9:30 tonight for a performance of the Dave Hill Explosion with special guests Lady Bunny and Touching You. Tickets are still available.