An excerpt of a new Snoop Dogg interview with DJ Suss One on Sirius XM has surfaced, and in it, Snoop has some words for Kanye West's Trump support:

If you like [Trump] you motherfuckin’ racist. Fuck you and fuck him.[...] He drew the motherfuckin’ lines. Before him there were no lines. Everybody was everybody, we respected every thing, we didn't trip, but n**** when you drew the line and start pointing motherfuckers out and singling them out n**** fuck y’all then n****. You and them. Kanye too. Don't forget about him too. Fuck you too. Throw him in the bag, he right with them motherfuckers.

Last year, Snoop Dogg put out a music video where Snoop pulls out of those guns that drops a "BANG!" flag on a Trump lookalike, and Trump later tweeted about Snoop's "failing career." Later in the year, he called Trump a "piece of shit" when discussing NFL controversy.

As for Kanye, he's apparently planning to release a new album called YANDHI on September 29, the same day he performs on SNL.

Watch the excerpt of the Snoop interview below: