As mentioned, SNST -- the duo of Braid's Chris Broach and his wife Sonja Rae -- will release their new album It's Hard To Be Loved By You digitally on May 29 (and on vinyl in June), and today we're premiering fourth single "Solid Ground." Chris says:

This song came to me as we were finishing up the album. I felt like we needed another banger. This is that banger. It's a 2-bass banger. It's about feeling like no matter you do, you can't please everyone... sometimes you can't please anyone - and relying on others' opinions or ideas or lack of ideas to determine your own self-worth is just dumb. Sometimes you just have to push through the wall that almost breaks you - and that wall is thick. Sometimes, you just have to pick yourself back up and brush that dirt off your shoulders - instead of worrying about what you know and what you don't know. This is the first one I came to with lyrics - as I was really blocked lyrically - and Sonja's lyrics just played right off of what I was singing about. I'd even say that having her join as a singer for the band gave me a lot more inspiration to get this album done, and more confidence in where the music was heading.

And Sonja adds:

The lyrics play off of Chris’s and are about me and my struggles with being present and self aware. Musically it is the type of singing I like to do. It speaks to my pop-punk loving soul and the type of songs I used to write and play. It's a lot simpler than other songs on the record but I appreciate how straight forward it is. Chris's guitar is so catchy and the whole thing drives all the way through. It’s dark and poppy. And so short! Sometimes you need a short song to put on repeat. I love hearing Chris sing the verse, and I love singing this chorus and the breakdown.

Like the previous singles, it's an upbeat synthpop song, but between Chris' emo roots in Braid and the pop-punk loving soul that Sonja was talking about, there is also a punkier edge to this one and it should be no surprise that this is right in SNST's comfort zone. Check it out below.

US vinyl pre-orders here; international vinyl and digital here.

Stream the previous three singles here: