Braid co-frontman and The Firebird Band frontman Chris Broach released Turn Out The Lights, the Will Yip-produced debut album by his new band SNST (pronounced "Sunset"), earlier this year (order yours). Like The Firebird Band, Turn Out the Lights ditches Braid's punky edge for synthier rock, and Chris's singing is clearer and more melodic than the shoutier stuff he did in Braid's early days (but not far removed from what he did on Braid's 2014 reunion album). It's a different vibe, but it's really great stuff in its own right. If you haven't heard the album yet, you should stream it below.

We've also got the premiere of the new video for "Remember How It Ends." It's a performance video of SNST playing a house show, lit by Christmas lights and neon purple hues. Here's what the band tells us about it:

We filmed this video in Champaign, IL. with John Isberg (Swede Films). He did our first video for "National Monument" - and came along on our run this past March down to SXSW this year. He had an idea that we just do a straight performance video since we had the full band on tour, and our other videos had a lot of other production elements involved. This was to be pretty straightforward and DIY. I like the way it turned out, and the people involved were super great. We had one of the actors from our first video (the kid who puts on the mask in "National Monument") who came out to watch and be a part, and a few other people. We played Champaign, IL the second night of the tour, and had a day off the next day - so John asked a local DIY venue in Champaign, IL. (Blips n Chits) if we could film a video there, and they agreed and helped set it up and bring people out. We filmed for a while and then performed for the people that came out to be a part of the video. It was a nice, small, intimate show - and we did 5 or 6 songs. The people in the video were cool and probably happy to watch us actually play the song we had been filming live, instead of listening to it one more time all the way through as a pre-recorded track and us playing along... The guys who came on the road with us this lsat Spring are also in this video (Harrison Clark, bass - and Sean Husick, drums). Oddly enough, these two guys were in our last video (for "Maybe We've Got It") before we had even discussed that they come on the road with us - and it was just sort of fate that they ended up doing the next tour!

SNST are also touring in the fall, including a NYC show on September 27 at Goldsounds (tickets on sale soon). All dates are listed, with the new video and album stream, below.


SNST -- 2017 Tour Dates
Friday, Sept 22 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
Saturday, Sept 23 - Dayton, OH @ Blind Bob's
Sunday, Sept 24 - Columbus, OH @ Big Room Bar
Monday, Sept 25 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler's
Tuesday, Sept 26 - TBA
Wednesday, Sept 27 - Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
Thursday, Sept 28 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary
Friday, Sept 29 - Baltimore, MD @ Reverb Collective
Saturday, Sept 30 - Carrboro, NC @ The Station
Sunday, Oct 1 - Greenville, SC @ The Radio Room

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