From Matmos

We just got back from a bucolic recording session in Montana where we worked on a new collaborative sextet project with So Percussion, ate BBQ, and played a wild and beer-soaked show for the townsfolk of Whitefish. Having blown one deadline already, Drew is desperately pulling the manuscript of his book about Throbbing Gristle's "Twenty Jazz Funk Greats" for Continuum's 33 1/3 series into quasi-acceptability. Martin is squiggling away with his all synthesizer, all improv trio project Phase Chancellor (with Nate Boyce and a now-out-of-the-wheelchair Jay Lesser). Both Martin and Drew are gearing up for some apartment hunting adventures in Baltimore, Maryland, because Matmos is moving there as of August. But before that, we're bracing ourselves for a month of European touring this summer, including a set at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Citizens of New York City, please note that Matmos & So Percussion will be playing two shows at Lincoln Center this summer in honor of National Contact-Mic Awareness Month. The concerts will take place July 20th and July 21st, and each night will feature different special top secret guest stars, so you should go to both. Please come and show your support."

Zeena Parkins and Dave Douglas are joining them for the NYC shows - not sure if they are the "top secret guest starts" they're talking about. If I had to guess, I'd say there's a good chance Antony is one of them. Tickets are on sale.

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