Public Assembly co-owner Ted Mann & Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent

"The past six months have been pretty intense for Brooklyn restaurateur, Ted Mann. He opened two new businesses, Cubana Socíal in Williamsburg and No Name Bar in Greenpoint, and started work on a South Slope beer garden and a Bay Ridge deli, both slated to open this summer. He also discovered that Ted Nugent, yes, that Ted Nugent, is his biological father.

Brooklyn born and raised, the Bay Ridge native has been involved in 11 businesses over the past 13 years...

...The nine places that Mann currently has a hand in (Bar 4, Cebu, Apartment 138, Camp, Matchless, Public Assembly, Lone Wolf, Cubana Socíal and No Name Bar, if you're counting) have a total of 13 different partners. They all meet up together once a month, with individual meetings on a more regular basis. Michael Esposito has long been his partner in crime at his South Brooklyn businesses; Larry Highland is an owner of Matchless and books at Public Assembly and has been instrumental in bringing Mann into Greenpoint and Williamsburg. And Jessica Wertz, the driving force behind Lone Wolf in Bushwick and No Name Bar (Mann refers to it as 597, but the moniker No Name Bar is going to prove impossible to shake at this point), is one of his newest collaborators. "She has vision," says Mann." [Brooklyn Based]

Though the article doesn't mention it, I'm pretty sure there's a connection to Southpaw there too. The Daily News, who also picked up the story, points out that Ted Nugent gave Ted Mann up for adoption. Ted Mann found out in October who his real dad was. Crazy. This past Saturday night, Ted Nugent was spotted hanging at/outside Public Assembly & Cubana Social. Now it's obvious why.

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