Irish singer-songwriter Bridie Monds-Watson's third album as SOAK, If I Never Know You Like This Again, is out today via Rough Trade Records. They wrote it with longtime collaborator Tommy McLaughlin and recorded it with a full band in the studio. The album really benefits from the approach, expanding SOAK's thoughtful folk into a rich indie rock sound. Stream it below.

We asked Bridie if they'd tell us about the influences behind the new album, and they made us a list that includes music, food, writers, and more. Read it below.

SOAK is on tour in the UK and Ireland through early June. See all dates below.


Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It In People
Broken Social Scene are my idea of a perfect band. Every time I come back to this album, I find something new in it. That’s especially impressive considering how many times I’ve heard it (approximately over a hundred). What I like most about BSS is that you can never really predict where their songs are going to take you.

David Sedaris
David Sedaris is one of my favorite writers. It’s not often that a book will actually make me laugh out loud but there’s a least a laugh on every single page with David. I really appreciate how himself he is and how he doesn’t shy away from honesty, even if that honesty doesn’t reflect well on him. His work really inspired me in that sense, to not shy away from letting my personality stand forefront.

Asian Street Food
I spent the majority of my time while writing this album, alone. Whenever I ran into a writing block or simply had enough of hearing my own voice, I’d try to do something that didn’t require so much thought. Mostly I ended up cooking. It’s always been a really satisfying, Zen activity for me but I found that when I wasn’t thinking as hard good ideas would come to me, almost by accident

Driving Aimlessly
In the same way that cooking provided me distance from myself, driving aimlessly was a great way to both disconnect and reconnect at the same time. Doing a pointless activity really took the pressure off trying so hard and let thoughts and ideas come to me in a less forced, more natural way.

My Fender Mustang
I relied on my guitar for this album more than ever before. I spent a great deal of time researching guitar players that I like and respect, then learning from whatever interviews or masterclasses they had online. I was trying to come at the instrument from different angles in order to find something new, chords or structures exciting enough to catch my ear and make me excited to write a song.


May 25 DOLAN’S Limerick, Ireland
May 26 WHELAN’S Dublin, Ireland
May 28 YES Manchester, UK
May 29 THE CAVES Edinburgh, UK
June 1 PATTERNS Brighton, UK
June 2 THEKLA Bristol, UK

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