Marc Almond and David Ball are reuniting Soft Cell for their first show since 2004, which they also say will be their last show ever. Dubbed "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" (named after the last song on their classic 1981 debut Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret), the show happens 9/30 at O2 Arena in London and doubles as a 40th anniversary celebration. Two days before the show, they'll release a 10-disc box set called Keychains And Snowstorms, which will feature two new songs -- their first new songs in 15 years -- "Northern Lights" and "Guilty (Cos I Say You Are)." "Northern Lights" is out today, and while those "whoa-ohs" sound a little more like Imagine Dragons (or something like that) than we wish they would, it's otherwise cool to hear Marc Almond channelling his old Soft Cell style again (he's released solo music more recently, which is a little different than this). Listen below.

(h/t Stereogum)

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