Synthpop icons Soft Cell are back together and making their first album since 2002's Cruelty Without Beauty. The duo of Marc Almond and Dave Ball last reunited in 2018 for the track "Northern Lights," which they recorded for retrospective box set Keychains and Snowstorms, and in conjunction with their "farewell" show at London's O2 Arena -- their first performance since 2004. That show ended up rekindling their creative spark. "Before the O2 show, Marc and I hadn’t seen each other in about 15 years," Ball told the Daily Star. "In the years between, we’ve started to sound mature. The new songs are still catchy, but a lot more worldly-wise."

The band posted pictures of Almond and Ball in the studio last month, and yesterday posted a picture of their discography on tape, writing, "Might be something to add to this superb collection of cassettes soon":

As to what the new album will sound like, Ball told the Daily Star, “We haven’t tried to write another ‘Tainted Love’. Maybe we should!" ("Tainted Love" was actually written by Ed Cobb originally released in 1965 by Gloria Jones, but we know what you mean, Dave.) He then added, “But it’d be inappropriate for two 60-something men to try to write bouncy little pop numbers. That doesn’t mean we’ve become miserable, and it’s not heavy industrial music either. I’d say the songs are sounding quite minimal, melodic and bass-driven.” Ball said he's pleased with how its coming along.

Stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile, and speaking of "Tainted Love," that song and Soft Cell's classic debut album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret turn 40 this year.

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