Synthpop icons Soft Cell will release *Happiness Not Included, their first album in 20 years, on February 25, and they've just released a new single, "Bruises on My Illusions," which Dave Ball describes as "one of our darker cinematic pop moments with a classic Marc Almond lyric."

Marc Almond adds, “‘Bruises On My Illusions’ is a mini film noir Soft Cell story about a disillusioned character with everything against him or her who still has hope for a better future, despite the odds. A darker ‘Bedsitter.' Dave’s ominous yet punchy defiant chords inspired the song.”

"Bruises on My Illusions" definitely sounds like classic Soft Cell -- modernized just a touch -- and you can listen to that below.

The 12" single for "Bruises on My Illusions" comes with remixes by Dave Ball's other project, The Grid, and Throbbing Gristle offshoot Chris & Cosey. You can preorder that and *Happiness Not Included now.


*Happiness Not Included tracklist:
1. Happy Happy
2. Polaroid
3. Bruises On My Illusions
4. Purple Zone
5. Heart Like Chernobyl
6. Light Sleepers
7. Happiness Not Included
8. Nostalgia Machine
9. Nighthawks
10. I'm Not a Friend of God
11. Tranquiliser
12. New Eden

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