Solar Halos

Let's call Chapel Hill, NC's Solar Halos a "notable side project" to avoid the dreaded SG-word; the band features Horseback and Caltrop drummer John Crouch, former Horseback guitarist/singer Nora Rogers, and Fin Fang Foom bassist Eddie Sanchez. Their self-titled debut comes out early next week, but we're streaming it over at Invisible Oranges now. A bit from our writeup:

With Rogers heading up the lead vocals, the album emits some Kylesa vibes, but the music's heavy-yet-slow vibrato rings truer to Horseback and their past split-mates, Locrian.

Solar Halos' album comes out on January 20; pre-order it via CD or clear vinyl here. You can stream it in full on IO or below.

Speaking of Chicago's Locrian: they debuted a new video today for "A Visitation from the Wrath of Heaven" from 2013's Return to Annihilation. You can watch that below as well; recommended if you like closed-circuit television or shots of people fidgeting on mattresses.


Solar Halos - Solar Halos

Locrian - "A Visitation from the Wrath of Heaven" Official Video