Richard Hawley

Tix are still on sale for Hawley's Bowery show. I'm serious...


Official video for 'Serious' by Richard Hawley. taken from the album Lady's Bridge. Directed By Shane Meadows.

Richard Hawley - Serious: Making The Video

Ever since venturing out on his own as a solo artist after years of work as a supporting musician, Richard Hawley has, over the course of five full-length albums, brought simple, sincere songwriting back to an overly cynical and trite pop music world, the singer-songwriter looking as out of place among the Arctic Monkeys, Art Bruts, and Girls Alouds of the world as a humble suitcase style 45 RPM record player in a room full of iPod nanos. After an extended period of slowly building a core group of admirers, from indie rock fans to admirers of vintage 1960s UK pop music, to bored critics looking for anything better than the latest bunch of Williamsburg freak-folkers, Hawley’s warm, unassuming music found its way to a considerably larger audience in his home country, thanks in large part to the aggressive release of six singles by label Mute Records, and especially his nomination for the 2006 Mercury Prize. [Popmatters]

And here's the official video for "Tonight The Streets Are Ours" (the song he plays acoustic in the video at the top of this post).......