Slayer played what they said was their final show in November of 2019, and of course, not long after that, COVID put concerts on a pause we're still waiting for them to resume from. We can think of lots of things we miss about the live experience, but one Soundcloud user, Plantweed, focused on one aspect -- bands' between-song banter -- in his most recent uploads. As Metal Sucks points out, they compiled over an hour and a half of Slayer vocalist Tom Araya's stage banter from 24 shows between 1984 and 1987 into a pair of tracks, Slayer: Do You Dig Older Women? sides one and two. They're named after Araya's infamous description of "Necrophiliac" as "a song about older women. The kind you find six feet underground." You can listen below.

If you'd prefer some music from that era mixed in with your banter, you can hear a full set 1986 Slayer concert recording, from a month after Reign in Blood came out.