Long Island's Somerset Thrower will follow 2018's Godspeed with a new album, Paint My Memory, this Friday (11/13) via Dead Broke Rekerds and Triple B Records. Ahead of the album's release, you can hear opening track "Too Rich To Die," and we're premiering the video for that song in this post.

Like Godspeed, the new album fuses together various forms of '90s-style post-hardcore, alternative rock, and indie rock, and this new song kinda sounds like a shoegazy take on Jawbreaker and Samiam. The ingredients are familiar, but Somerset Thrower combine them in ways that feel fresh. Like the song, the video (shot and edited by Doug Durant and Denis Cardineau) feels both nostalgic and new, and it includes some cool footage of the band in their practice space. Check it out below.

1. Too Rich To Die 04:14
2. 4:22 03:27
3. Takeyouapart 03:24
4. Accelerate Now 03:35
5. Drifter 02:21
6. Plaster Saint 03:31
7. Lucky You 04:10
8. Funeral Vibe 03:43
9. In Your Eyes 03:28
10. Say Hello 04:51


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