David Combs of The Max Levine Ensemble and Spoonboy has teamed up with Erica Freas of RVIVR for the new long-distance collaborative project SOMNIA. They recorded their debut album, How The Moon Shines On The Shit, with Mattie Jo from RVIVR on bass, and as David tells us, it's "almost entirely about deriving inspiration from dreams and several of the songs had their inception in dreams (no pun intended, but no pun deleted)." If you like RVIVR, The Max Levine Ensemble and/or Spoonboy, you're almost definitely gonna like this too and you probably know what to expect. It's scrappy punk with killer melodies, and David's and Erica's voices sound great together. We're premiering the song "Ed Clairborne," which you can hear below.

The album is due out July 8 via Rumbletowne in the US and Yo Yo in Europe, and RVIVR will have it at their merch booth at their TBA East Coast shows in July.

In related news, The Max Levine Ensemble are playing Don Giovanni Records' New Alternative Music Festival in Asbury Park this summer.


01. Double Life
02. Silver
03. Death Blows
04. Psychic Vampires
05. Loud One
06. Crazy Ocean
07. Quiet One
08. Another Night
09. Dream A Little Dream
10. Knights of Summer
11. Ed Clairborne

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